Can't make sense of your data?

Your data, the new fuel to boost your business in the Digital Economy

Data Science is reaching unprecedented levels of development that is enabling companies to create more value and more quickly. Personalized recommendations in eCommerce stores, customer segmentation via clustering, automated lead targeting, churn analysis, chatbots, sentiment analysis, are some examples of solutions adopted by the main Internet companies to boost their productivity. If you think these kinds of solutions are not for you, are too sophisticated, or are only available to large budgets, read on.

At Datamente we firmly believe that the transforming power of Machine Learning should be accessible to everyone.

We want to be your Data Intelligence partner and help you transform your data into knowledge and competitive advantages for your business.


Datamente helps you in your journey towards digital transformation. We have prepared a selection of indispensable "superpowers" to make better decisions, strengthen the relationship with your clients and optimize the internal processes of your company.


Through the application of the most advanced techniques of Data Science, we analyze your data to answer the most pressing business questions. DataLens are super powered glasses that will allow you to make the best decisions. Without them you will lose a new and immense opportunity to see your company from never imagined perspectives.


DataLens provides a flexible and extensible data visualization dashboard to help SMEs gain better insight over their business KPIs.

Applicable to SMEs with any of the following challenges:
  • Your existing business reports are error-prone or difficult to maintain
  • It takes too long for your team to produce new or up-to-date business reports
  • You have no resources dedicated to business reporting
  • You have too many data sources to build a consolidated view of your business

DataLens benefits:
  • Your data will be consolidated under a single view independently of the number of sources or formats
  • You will get access to an interactive ad-hoc dashboard aggregating all the information that surfaces the key business indicators you need
  • You will interact with your data through a chatbot capable of producing instantly new reports on-demand

DataLens applies a deep analysis on the customer base to identify one-time and repeated purchasers, customers at risk of leaving and customers who have churned.

Applicable to SMEs with any of the following challenges:
  • You can't identify the signals indicating that a customer is churning
  • You don't know how to proactively engage customers who are about to leave
  • You are uncertain which of your customers will buy from you again in the future
  • You don't know if your customer acquisition rate compensates your monthly churn

DataLens benefits:
  • You will have an individualized customer status breakdown of your customer base
  • You will be able to anticipate every month which customers are at risk
  • You will have a business reporting tool to understand the evolution and trend of each customer status


We apply the most advance Machine Learning algorithms to create data models that will optimize any business process or improve relationships with your customers. DataWand is a magic wand designed by us tailored to your needs to speed up your most critical business tasks. You just have to define the problem to solve and we take care of everything else. At the end of the project you will receive the wand and we will teach you how to use it.

predictive calendar

Thanks to machine learning clustering techniques, DataWands reveals fundamental insights over SMEs' customer base and product portfolio helping them to dramatically improve their product marketing strategies.

Applicable to SMEs with any of the following challenges:
  • Your promotional mailings for new products/services lead to no or very little conversion
  • You apply the same communication strategy independently of the customer
  • You have not identified yet the different segments of your customer base
  • You don't know which of your products lead to the most and worst margins and revenue
  • Your are unsure whether to decommission a product line or launch a new one

DataWand benefits:
  • You will get a business value scoring of your customers and products based on the traditional RFM segmentation methodology to fully understand the relative importance of your best or worst customers/products
  • You will learn the optimum AI-driven segments based on multiple criteria (revenue, margin, quantity, unitary pricing)
  • You will get characterizations and recommendations for each of the segments so you can tailor and target more efficiently your customer communication and promotions
  • You will discover purchase patterns of your customers and be able to make product recommendations to increase your sales

Based on historical data enhanced with external data sources adjancent to the SME business, DataWands calendar makes predictions about the expected level of activity of the SME core business.

Applicable to SMEs with any of the following challenges:
  • You don't properly allocate the optimum level of personnel (holidays, time-off) for your on-going business activity
  • You fail to anticipate demand properly
  • You often run out of stock on specific products
  • You systematically run short of supply inventory

DataWand benefits:
  • You will get a calendar that predicts the level of activity of your business for the coming weeks/months
  • You will manage much more efficiently your supply and delivery chains
  • You will be able to plan your personnel vacations according to the predicted level of activity


We diagnose the suitability of the technological foundation of your company, to understand the level of readiness for working with the new fuel of the Digital Era. In addition, we include our recommendations so that your company can get the most out of the data. DataAudit can be your first step towards digital transformation and will open new perspectives for your business.

According to a survey by IDC, 66% of CEOs think that digital transformation is an essential requirement for the future of their companies. Organizations that have successfully begun this journey have achieved significant productivity improvements. The new digital technologies are critical levers we can action to transform businesses. DataAudit allows you to evaluate the maturity of your technological infrastructure, to analyze the suitability of your current digital systems across three main axes: data analytics, mobility and social media.

Applicable to SMEs with any of the following challenges:
  • You understand that digital transformation is no longer an option but you do not know where to start
  • Too many buzzwords (Big Data, Machine Learning,...) to understand which ones are suited for your business
  • You have trouble prioritizing which technologies will have the greatest impact

DataAudit benefits:
  • You will get a clear vision of the current state of your digital systems and their suitability for overcoming the challenges of the digital future
  • You will obtain a master plan of the analyzed axes for deploying the most adequate technological base to develop your digital business


In Datamente we know that our clients are the ones who know their business best and we also value their time. Therefore, we have designed a clear and simple methodology aimed at minimizing the impact of the project on your day to day work while guaranteeing the best results. Our solutions are customized and adapted for each problem and delivered totally integrated into the IT infrastructure of our clients. The Datamente method is based on agile methodologies and consists of the following steps:


We obtain the necessary information to understand your business objectives. Do not worry, we speak your language and we leave technicalities outside. This phase is crucial to the success of the project and we strive to get the right definition of the problem. A successful solution begins with a precise and clear formulation of the problem.


We identify the sources of data related to the problem, both internal as well as external. Public data sources can improve the accuracy of predictive models so if necessary, we take care to incorporate them into the solution. During this phase we will evaluate the viability of the project.


It is time to start processing and preparing the data to get the most out of it. In this phase, we design robust predictive models based on Machine Learning techniques such as clustering, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial neural networks.


And finally, we come to the most exciting part. The solution is ready to transform your business. In this phase, we guarantee that everything works perfectly in your production environment. We integrate the data model into your IT infrastructure and deliver a detailed report including the main data analysis conclusions.

About us

Datamente is a Data Science consulting that uses state of the art technologies to transform data into knowledge in order to provide our customers with a competitive edge.

Datamente is the response to the shortage of talent specialized in Data Science and Machine Learning required to successfully face the challenges of the Digital Economy. Data Intelligence is one of the fundamental axes of the digital transformation. We accompany our customers in the adoption of a data-driven culture in their organizations that will enable them to make informed business decisions.

Our services encompasses customer analytics, predictive modeling, forecasting, sentiment analysis, dashboards, prescriptive analysis, consultancy and training.

We are passionate about data. We have a strong desire to move forward and to know what the future holds for us. We are committed to drive our customers to the next level and aspire that they become our biggest fans.

Satisfied customers

In Datamente we have a maxim: make the life of our clients as easy as possible. For this, we know that clarity and simplicity are our perfect allies to get satisfied customers. The Datamente method is transparent, simple and effective.

Our team has extensive experience implementing technological solutions in multinational companies from different sectors internationally. We put all our experience and knowledge to offer the best Machine Learning solutions and provide the maximum value for your business.


If you believe that the data is the new fuel for your business and you think it is too complicated or you do not know where to start, contact us. We will be happy to be your Data Intelligence partner.


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